How To Become A Good Goalkeeper?

A good Goalkeeper is a very important player for any football team. Goalkeepers are often underrated. But it is pretty much necessary for a goalkeeper to make sure that he is putting every step right. Otherwise the team is in danger.

Covering as much angel as possible (For More tips on being a good goalkeeper, download the Footylight app. Also available on iOS and Android)

Covering Angel, Good Goal Keeper

For a goalkeeper it is important not to stand in the net. Because the net is very large where the person is not so large. So one has to make sure that he can cover as much angel as possible. The more he goes out, the more the opponents will not see any net. Here one thing have to be watched out is the chip shot which will go over the head. And he will have to get back in the net very quickly. Besides, covering the most angel he can eye his net. And when the attack is coming from his left he will have to stand left to the penalty spot. Since he is out of the net, he will be covering the left side easily. And also will not let the right side exposed as well. The more he can come up the more of the right side he can cover and also the left side will be covered up as well. Another thing to keep in the mind that if the ball slips out of the hand it is still okay. He just have to make sure that it doesn’t go into the net. If the ball goes out for a corner he still did his job as he saved the ball and that  matters most. The defence can help him afterwards. 

Covering the corner kick 

Corner Positon

Corner kick is one of the prime oppurtunities for the opponents. So covering a corner kick is very much important for a goalkeeper.  So first of all he will have to stand in the middle of the small box when the opponent is crossing the ball. And the most satisfactory result for a goalkeeper at the case of a corner kick is catching the ball and eliminate the threat. When the ball is between the goal line and the penalty spot he will be able to cattle the ball. But if the ball is outside that region then no need to catch the ball, he can let his defenders to deal with the problem. If he can’t catch the ball it is still okay if he can just make sure that he punches the ball and get it outside of the danger zone. If he needs to jump sometimes he should make sure that he jumps as high as possible because it will be easier for him to catch or punch the ball when it is closer to him.

Anticipation- how to not hesitate (For More tips on being a good goalkeeper, download the Footylight app. Also available on iOS and Android)

Stegen save, Goal Keeper

In the case of anticipation one have to make sure that he is always ready in his position for that reason. If there is any chance of attacking the ball he will have to make 100% sure that he is attacking the ball. If there is a straighter coming in on a long ball given by a midfielder or whatever, he will have to make sure that he gets to that before the striker. If there is little bit of hasitation that can make the striker score. So by waiting down for one second is giving an extra second to his opponent. So he has to decide whether he will run for the ball or will stay there in his position. One thing to be remembered that he doesn’t need to worry if the ball goes outside of crease, just have to kick the ball away. That will atleast eliminate the threat of the striker getting a break on him.

Saving a penalty

courtois, penalty save, good goal keeper

First of all in case of a penalty kick it has to be remembered that the goalkeeper has nothing to lose. The whole pressure will be on the player who is taking it. So the goalkeeper should keep himself  cool and calm. There is only chance for him to become a hero.  The right footed penalty takers have more probability to hit the ball into the goalkeeper’s right side. And left footed players have the opposite. So first of all the  goalkeeper should step one step backward from the goalline as he can step ahead freely and it will also help him to dive with speed. He can call the attention of the penalty taker by moving sideaway. And thus he can try to make the penalty taker nervous. He should always try to read the mentality of the kicker and dive furthest with the highest speed. If he can guess the right way then he can save it easily as he is covering that whole side. But he doesn’t need to worry if he can’t save it because he has nothing to lose here. He should be mentally up always as there is only chance of becoming a hero here, no chance of becoming a villian. 

These are the things which are pretty much important for a goalkeeper. One can learn these things properly and upgrade their goalkeeping skills.

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